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Environmental responsibility and conservation

We understand that feeding future generations depends on what we do today. We are dedicated to our role as environmental stewards, always adhering strictly to current legislation in all countries where we operate.

Cooke Chile and all divisions within the Cooke family of companies worldwide have sustainability, environmental, and biodiversity policies in their operating and reporting practices.

We maintain Management Systems that allow us to manage and implement procedures, documents, and records to effectively  to ensure compliance with regulations, third-party certifications, and our internal controls.

We also use Third-Party Certification Programs to challenge us to surpass our regulatory requirements in critical areas such as Environmental and Social Responsibility, Food Safety, Animal Welfare, and Traceability.

Cooke Chile is committed to continuous improvement in quality and environmental performance. Our pristine freshwater and marine environment is vital, and we continually strive to protect these and other resources while providing superior-quality salmon


Commitment to Communities

We are committed to the communities where we do business, so we work hard to grow with those who believe in our Company.

We know that we are not only supported by more than 350 employees. We feel the support of more than 350 families and many people who share the same values and strive for the same goals.

That is why we support and participate in various community events and instances in the areas where we live and work, acting as a vital socioeconomic engine in southern Chile’s coastal and rural communities.


Community Operations

We gave all our love and collaborated with our products to the Renacer Family Residence in Los Muermos.

We flew to Paso El León to deliver cell phones so students could continue their studies during the pandemic.


At Cooke Chile, we have always worked to improve our operations and the quality of our products, which is why innovation is a fundamental part of who we are.

Our relentless pursuit of knowledge and better ways of doing everything we do allows us to deliver on our promises.

Learn how we work from Chile to achieve 100% organic salmon, which will soon be on your table.

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