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Cooke Aquaculture was founded in New Brunswick, Canada, in 1985 under the name Kelly Cove by Glenn Cooke, his father Gifford, and his brother Michael.

What started as a small family business with a single marine site has become a world leader in seafood products, with fully integrated facilities, production lines, and distribution networks in 9 countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Since 2008, Cooke Chile has been part of Cooke Aquaculture through the purchase of Salmones Cupquelan S.A., becoming one of the largest salmon producers in the world, marking the beginning of our Company.

Today, we are one of the leading players in the salmon market and the architects of the growth of numerous people, families, and communities in the south of Chile.

From the south of Chile, more than 350 families work with effort and love to deliver the best salmon to the world.


Our production plant is located in Puerto Montt, Región de los Lagos, and our farms grow in Cupquelán Fjord, Región de Aysén.

More than 40 kilometers long, the fjord contains hundreds of waterfalls and springs, which add to the icy and plentiful Exploradores and Erasmo rivers, which pour their oxygen-saturated waters into the fjord. Scarce areas of sediment accumulation and depths greater than 200 meters give it very particular hydrological and geographical conditions.

Thus, this extraordinary environment is favorable for cultivating fish, thanks to a great carrying capacity and natural barriers that defend the inland waters from parasites and diseases.

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Our Purpose

When we carefully nurture the ocean, we nourish the world, sustain our families, and create stronger communities.

Our Mission

To be a global leader in seafood, driven by an innovative team that provides our customers with superior products, services, and value in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Values

As members of the Cooke Group, we are focused on delivering the best products and the highest international quality standards to our customers, underpinned by our corporate values, such as:

• We belong to a Big Family
• We respect people and their efforts at work.
• We are diverse, and we accept each other

• We seek the growth of people and our communities
• We are responsible on land and sea

International Presence and Subsidiaries Cooke Inc.


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