At Cooke Chile, we understand that feeding future generations depends on what we do today.

We live by the sea, so we are dedicated to protecting the environment using best practices and strictly adhering to current legislation.

From the south of Chile, more than 350 families work with effort and love to deliver the best salmon to the world.


Our farming system, the quality of our facilities, and the vast knowledge of our team guarantee the highest standards in flavor and texture and the highest sanitary and environmental requirements.

Please learn about our different types and specialties of salmon, as well as the most delicious shrimp from our Central American farms.

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Learn how we work from Chile to achieve 100% organic salmon, which will soon be on your table.



Cooke Chile harvests first organic salmon in the country

Cooke Chile has begun harvesting the first organic farm-raised Atlantic salmon in Chile, launching their new brand; Shima.

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“Support the planet that sustains you”

Promoting the salmon industry in harmony with the environment Cooke Chile is developing increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

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Our path to achieving sustainable salmon

To produce organic salmon, we must comply with rigorous procedures to guarantee the quality and purity of the final product.

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