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Promoting the salmon industry in harmony with the environment

Cooke Chile is developing increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes, in order to respond with the highest standard to the food challenge of the future.

The launch of the first cycle of certified organic salmon in the country marks a new milestone in the history of the company and the salmon industry as a whole. And, to meet this important challenge, the company has developed production processes that are increasingly sustainable and respectful of the planet, in order to respond with the highest standard to the food challenge of the future, demonstrating that it is possible to boost the food industry. salmon in harmony with the environment.

The organic production that Cooke Chile is promoting combines the best environmental and cultivation practices, a high level of biodiversity, the conservation of natural resources and the application of demanding standards on animal welfare and safety in production, offering great benefits for the ecosystem , among which stand out:

●  Given the cultivation conditions in freshwater and seawater at lower densities, 20 and 10 kg/m3 respectively, there is less risk of proliferation and dissemination of diseases.
●  Given the lower number of fish per cage and per culture center, there is less waste contribution to the seabed and bodies of water.

Regarding the manufacturing of food for organic salmon farming, the negative impact on fisheries is reduced, since the raw materials used are 100% certified by independent international organizations.

“Support the planet that sustains you” sets a precedent in the salmon industry in our country, which represents enormous technical, logistical and productive challenges, but which at the same time is one of the pillars of Cooke Chile‘s efficient and professional work, always focused on animal welfare and environmental care.

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